Today I made a tag creator that uses Google API and translate. This will allow me to provide a text ("hello world") and then create a tag cloud from this text. It is not a true tag cloud since the sizes of the words are random and there is no popularity logic to determine the size. I just randomly assign a tag class to each tag and let the CSS take care of the layout.

Here is an example to create a language tag cloud from the English words "Your mother is very nice"

    So how do I create this? I include jquery.langCloud.js (and jquery.translate.js) and create a ul object 

       <ul class="someExample"></ul>

    then I make a call like this: 

       $('ul.someExample').langCloud({ text: "whatever", size: 10 }); 

    The size means that I will get around 10 translations of "whatever" for the language tag cloud. Feel free to download the language tag cloud generator and use however you see fit.

    File Size: 2 kb
    File Type: js
    Download File

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